Space-Simulator is a real physics, full-size space simulator for mobile devices. A revolutionary physics engine allowing for the very first time mobile devices to run complex -double precision - simulations. Explore all the solar system , planets, its moons ,and other major bodies . From accurate simulation of the Apollo moon program , to fictional spacecrafts to roam and explore the Universe . All while constrained with real physics laws. Practice docking to the International Space Station , launch the Space Shuttle to Earth ORbit , re-enact the moon landing , compute intrincate orbital slingshots to the outer solar system. For more information -and current features- , go to our forum section , or browse the screenshots . ipad 2015616115326

ipad 2015616122023

ipad 201561612261

ipad 2015616121635

ipad 2015525221424

[unretouched in-game screenshot. iPad Air .30fps]

Available for iPad , and very soon for iPhone and selected android devices.

* Beta 1.0.3 Screenshots (ETA : June 2015 )


* Mobile / iPhone version

After the warm reception of the iPad )version of Space Simulator , we are concentrating now on getting ready the phone ( iPhone 4S and newer ) version ASAP.  WE are pleased to announce that we are on the final stages of testing the phone version and will be ready for download in as soon as 1st June  ! .  We have working hard to optimize both the code and the memory footprint to squeeze a full-size real physics space simulator on a mobile device .

We had to reduce the number of MFDs to one , to allow for a reasonably sized buttons. Other than that , Space Simualator will have the same number of features  in both mobile and tablet version

* Intuitive orbital maneuvres planner

Also , with version 1.0.3 we are including a 3D visual orbital menuvres planner , that will allow the user to plan and design  interplanetary missions , on a real solar system .

* Video Tutorials

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