Author Topic: Need terrain quality for earth to be the same quality everywhere on mobile  (Read 925 times)


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Hi i noticed that places around certain key places/Airports/missions like London to ksc hypersonic jump/London,a certain part of Europe/KSC and Edwards Air Force base have better more detailed crisp sharper terrain quality than every where else. everywhere else it's more pixelated blurry. but in certain areas like KSC there is better surface detail but then the rest of Floridas terrain and almost everywhere else other than the key places  that I mentioned that have awesome surface detail can you please make all of earths surface terrain to be like KSC/London/Edwards Air Force base on mobile iOS/Android versions in future mobile version I know that I've asked for better terrain quality before never heard back  anything about it yet and I know you're very busy with pc/mac/steam versions so no pressure. I think it would make the earth in the mobile versions look so awesome hopefully in future mobile update thanks keep up the great work.
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