Author Topic: Interplanetary trip in 1.0.8?  (Read 9796 times)


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Interplanetary trip in 1.0.8?
« on: December 27, 2017, 10:07:55 AM »
Did anyone succeed in planning an interplanetary trip (e.g. earth to mars) using 1.0.8 mobile version? I actually did that on the previous versions, and I'm fighting for doing the same on the last version, but after hours spent on the problem I finally gave up.
Especially, after the first burn for escaping earth, I finely tune the orbit in ORB:Sun mode and "touch" the mars orbit at the right place but each successive orbit correciton makes "predictive" mars position (@APO) shift, so that I never can reach it, even if the initial plan fitted well.


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Re: Interplanetary trip in 1.0.8?
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2017, 10:06:53 PM »
Try this:

Launch to Earth orbit:   
1   Launch from Cape Kennedy to Earth orbit (using Verb 37 Noun 11)
2   Load Docking with Altair Lander mission
3   Perform docking manoeuvre
4   Set fuel to unlimited
5   Use dN to change orbit direction to west to east
6   Transfer from command module to Altair Lander
7   Stage to separate Altair Lander from Altair 3rd stage
8   Transfer from Altair Lander back to command module
Mars orbit transfer:   
9   In Orbit Planner, using SIM:Earth and ORB:Sun
10   Use dV and dT to set transfer orbit beyond Mars (to approximately half way between Mars &  Ceres orbit)
11   Mars projected position should be ahead of SLS (beyond intersection of Mars and SLS orbits)
12   Use time acceleration to move SLS to just ahead of Mars orbit
13   Use Radial - (slow down) to reduce SLS orbit to move to same orbit as Mars and just behind.
14   Use time acceleration to move SLS to catch up with Mars
15   When close to Mars, switch to ORB:Mars
16   Use dV to reduce eccentricity to less than 1 and into elliptical orbit
17   Use Radial to direct SLS towards Mars
18   When eccentricity is <20, use dV to reduce to less than 1 and into approximate circular orbit.
19   Use retrograde to reduce orbit to 4500km and set inclination to 0
Mars injection:   
20   Transfer from command module to Altair Lander
21   Undock Altair Lander from command and service module
22   Use retrograde to reduce Altair Lander orbit to 4000km
23   Move to opposite side of Mars to planned landing site
24   Use retrograde to reduce periapsis to 3500km
25   Use time acceleration to move Altair Lander to when altitude is 250km
26   Use retrograde on full thrust to reduce velocity and altitude
27   When velocity is below 1000m/s use Attitude Radial+ to reduce vertical speed
28   Continue to use Radial+ and retrograde to reduce velocity and vertical speed
29   When altitude is 10km use Radial+ to move Altair Lander to hover
30   Use thrust to reduce velocity and vertical speed
Launch to Mars Orbit:   
31   Use Computer Veb 37 Noun 12 to initiate launch
32   After liftoff, use Manual mode to remove Attitude hold, and apply full thrust
33   When altitude is > 150km use Radial + to change attitude towards horizontal and increase velocity
34   Continue until orbit is reached
35   Circularise orbit to 4000km and adjust inclination to 0
36   Use time acceleration to move Altair Lander to just behind SLS
37   Use prograde to increase Apoapsis to 4500
38   Use Radial + and - to move Altair to rendezvous with SLS
39   Use Docking MFD to dock Altair and SLS
Earth orbit transfer:   
40   Transfer from Altair to SLS
41   Undock Altair Lander from SLS command and service module
42   Increase SLS orbit to 10,000km and circularise.
43   Use time acceleration to move SLS to opposite side of Mars to Earth
44   Use dV and dT to intercept Earth orbit
45   Use Radial+ and - to achieve Earth orbit
Earth descent:   
46   Circularise orbit to about 8000km and adjust inclination to 0
47   Reduce periapsis to about 6300km
48   Use stage to separate Altair from retro rocket pack
49   Use time acceleration until altitude is about 110km
50   Use program 63 to initiate descent


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Re: Interplanetary trip in 1.0.8?
« Reply #2 on: December 28, 2017, 05:59:13 PM »
What an impressive procedure! Thanks a lot.

Giving the transfer orbit an apo between mars and ceres orbits confirms that the orbit planner is not able to manage a standard Hohmann transfer from earth to mars... That seems pretty annoying as Hohmann transfer is the easiest way to travel from body to body.

I'm not sure I will be patient enough to continue playing with the orbit planner. V1.0.8 on Android seems a lot too unstable to me (tuning dV and dT, the value is sometimes growing, then diminishing without reason, then a sudden and unexpected timewarp occurs, multiple ghost spacecrafts appear along my initial orbit, etc. etc.).

Anyway thanks for the procedure, it will help if future versions fix somehow all that.
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