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General Discussion / spacecraft staying in orbit
« Last post by ApolloGirl on April 10, 2018, 11:12:17 AM »
From time to time we'll get a question similar to the one below:
when I put myself in orbit around a planet and I accelerate time, the orbit change itself and I'm no longer in orbit".

The reason why it seems that you're going off orbit is because there are two types of orbits simulated in this game. The yellow orbit is the analytic orbit. This is the idealised orbit that we're all used to seeing in textbooks. These are usually circular or oval shaped orbits that wrap neatly around the planet. The is what an idealised orbit. This is how an orbit would look like if there were only the planet and the spacecraft in the entire space.

Of course, there are other celestial objects in the Universe and in the game. The actual path of the orbit is not as neat. It is affected by all the other objects in the space, albeit, to a much smaller extent.

To see the actual or real orbit that your spacecraft will take, you need to look at the pink orbit. This orbit is calculated numerically and represent that path your spacecraft will actually take. More often than not, this will always deviate from the yellow path.


1) We try to go to the Moon. We adjust Delta-V and Delta-T until the yellow analytic orbit extends beyond the Moon. 

2) But we know for sure that the path that your spacecraft will travel won't be that simple. To see the REAL path of the spacecraft, hit the COMPUTE button to calculate the path numerically. You will see a pink path calculated. This the more like the actual path that a spacecraft would travel in this situation.

3) Here we see that the pink path is too short and we don't see what happens around the Moon. To see further into the future we simply increase the Sim Step slider to extend the calculation further.

In this image, we see clearly how the two orbits differ and how orbits will shift over time due to the presence and movement of other gravitational bodies in the simulated space and other factors, such as changing mass, etc.
General Discussion / cockpit lights demo
« Last post by jdietrichson on April 01, 2018, 03:39:06 PM »
I made a video showing how the cockpit flood light and the instruments panel text light turn on and dim down using the two round knob switches on the left hand side of the cockpit.
General Discussion / Havenít heard anything about the new mobile update
« Last post by Kmassie92 on April 01, 2018, 03:30:59 AM »
Hi things have been very quiet on the forum regarding the Mac release and regarding the new mobile update and just quiet all around is everything ok and are these still in development thanks looking forward to hearing from the team
Sorry i still could not post pictures here.... i made a nice one with the Apollo in earth orbit and the hatch is still open.... ready for a space-walk anyone?

Please fix this.... it kills the feeling.....
well i tried it again a few times..... the problem is that i cant find a "button" to close the hatch.... when i click on this topic on the checklist nothing happens.

to close the hatch i have to let the autopilot run the checklist.... but i just cant do it manually.... where is this "close" function hidden ;-)

and of course, as i suggested, there should be a "NO GO" if the crew wants to launch without the hatch closed.... flying in earth orbit with the door open kind of kills the simulation feel ;-)
alright, a little update:

i found when you run on auto-checklist then the entry hatch gets really closed, so then you see the hatch with the bulleye, everything ok.

But when i did the manual launch i seem to have not pressed the "lock door" botton because i could launch with apparently the door open.... which would be a rather interessting mission ;-)

So maybe you make something that it is only possible to launch AFTER the entry hatch is really closed and locked ;-)
Hi team.... first of all i want to congratulate you all to this fantastic and ultra-realistic space simulation.... not an arcade-like game like all the others but real science based and still fun simulation.

I hope that soon more missions and vehicles will come for the Steam version and that you keep on improving the mobile version.

But now to my problem - possible bug:

In the PC steam version if you sit in the command module view i can see through all windows (which is ok) but the centermost window looks nothing like the bulleye window which really was in the entry hatch but it looks more like the whole entry hatch is just missing or would be of glass.
You have a great panorama like view but this is just not right..... i checked many original fotos and there should be only a small round bulleye in the entry hatch.
The funny part is that i believe when i first installed the PC version and played it that the hatch was visible and there was a bulleye, and i was glad to see this because in the iOS version this problem occurs too and always bothered me. But now when i play i always have a very big rectangular window to look out of the CM.

Feature Request / Just an idea
« Last post by JessieR on March 25, 2018, 02:33:09 AM »
Hi guys Iím a real world pilot. I love playing the space simulator app and play it when I have down time at airports or in between sorties. Some of my pilot buddies were talking and I just had a suggestion for you guys and thatís something thatís missing or overlooked is the black planes A-12 Cygnus YF-12A interceptor SR-71 Blackbird and U-2ís as either a stand alone app or maybe include them in a update. I know a lot of guys who worked on and flew them not only for the Air Force but also CIA and have access to everything you could think of including the interceptor version. there is so much someone could do from a-12 and sr-71 missions to hypothetical yf-12 intercepts and NASA testing stuff. I have everything and know everyone who could help and if in the future I could contact my friends at the roadrunners internationale (itís the u-2 and a-12/yf-12/sr-71 blackbird pilots and maintainers association) and get them on board. Just a thought  I donít mean to be a bother or come off as inappropriate just thought Iíd make some suggestions. I would love to see what you guys could do with something like that.Thank you again for your time and great apps!!!
Report your Bugs here! / Bugs with iPad version
« Last post by David on March 23, 2018, 12:05:10 PM »
Iíve found the following problems:-
1/ If a scenario is saved where the Orion is landed, on starting this up later it immediately crashes.
2/ All saved missions have only one MFD working the other is severely crippled.
3/ It is not possible to start a mission on the ground.
Report your Bugs here! / Steam doesnít run
« Last post by David on March 21, 2018, 02:13:15 PM »
Iíve enjoyed the iPad version of space simulator enormously.
I hoped that steam might be even better, unfortunately , having installed it on my Win10 laptop it doesnít run. The splash screen shows followed by both company badges but then nothing just a blank screen. Time on the nonexistent game is registered though.
I reinstalled the program having checked the download and also disabled both firewall and antivirus software but still no joy.
Steam has said I should try again after an update due imminently.
I wonder if anyone else has had similar problem and could may be help?
Many thanks,
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