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rendezvous/docking procedure
« on: May 06, 2017, 04:15:45 PM »
There are a number of docking scenarios to play in this game. Here is the general procedure for performing a rendezvous/docking with a target vehicle.

1. Open the "DOCK" panel.
2. Hit "DIRCT" (direct) to point your spacecraft at the target.
3. Throttle up to move towards the target. The AVEL (absolute velocity) will reduce.
4. Retrograde in preparation for the next maneuver.
5. As you approach the target, there will come a point when the AVEL will stop decreasing. From now on you will not get any closer to the target moving in this direction. Throttle up in retrograde position to brake relative to your target until the RVEL (relative velocity) is 0m/s.
6. "DIRCT" once again to the target and repeat the direct/retrograde process until you are close enough to the target to make the final maneuvers manually with the RCS engines.

This is a video of Gemini 6 approaching Gemini 7 using this method:


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