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: Bugs on shuttle and apollo
: thierryspeth December 25, 2014, 04:14:14 PM
KHSome bugs on apollo and the shuttle, the central tank on the shuttle is not completly aligned, not a gréât problem'.  The left Window of the shuttle is impressive by the sight Provided but the point of view push the viewer outside the shuttle.  Where doccking with the lem, the csm is far, and then Very near for doccking.  1/10th of a scnd.
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Some problems of timing appear on the first missions.

Mission  1 start at 14h 30, i thing this is uk Time for apollo 11, EDS to manual is at 1431 LES at 1434.
At 1443, the agc tells me we are at 16minutes 10 after launch instead of 13 minutes.

 So i start mission 2 Wich begins at 13h47 instead of 14h47. I have nothing to do in this mission
But astronauts should do a correction of 22 dégrées on azimuth. When hearing the mp3, they are asked to use the p52 program, i through it Was to refine the IMU.
I Found this procédure to do the correction;

Program 02 is the pre-launch setup program. You can use this to check the planned orbit from the scenario file, update the orbit and launch times, or simply ignore it and the computer will use the scenario values.
The program will start with a flashing VERB 06 NOUN 29. This shows the launch azimuth in hundredths of a degree on the top line of the display, and allows you to change it from the historically correct value if you choose.
To update the information on these lines you need to change the displayed values, then press PROG to enter them into the AGC. To update the first line, use VERB 21 ENTER, for the second VERB 22 ENTER , for the third VERB 23 ENTER. To update the first and second in sequence use VERB 24 ENTER, for all three use VERB 25 ENTER.
When you enter data the DSKY will blank the appropriate line. Press '+' or '-' to begin data entry (octal entry is not yet supported), then type in the digits, with preceding zeros when required. Once you type in all five digits, the value will be saved ready to be passed to the AGC. Note that if you make a mistake while entering the number, you can press CLR to clear the entry and try again.
So, you can use VERB 21 ENTER to change the azimuth value, then press PROG to accept the value being displayed.
Otherwise, using the devinfo item, the program gives  a good 29 fps on my mini iPad all the Time.

Mission 3 and 4 ; nô problems Other that the violent doccking.

 Shuttle mission other than 1 often crash on my tablette. I got mission for doccking with the isS only one Time.