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: [Steam] Sub-Systems Simulation / SpaceSim-internal Apps
: jcarrion January 18, 2017, 05:04:21 PM
hi . For Steam PC/Mac/PS3 the simulation is going to be down to the sub-systems . Namely  Electrical , Fuel , Hydraulics ,  Life Support,  etc..  Every valve , switch , relay , wire , pipe , nozzle interchanger, vent ,,etc.. will be simulated at a functional level , as  from the original Apollo's ( and later Shuttle's ) engineering blueprints.  This way we can simulate the malfunction of every imaginable element ( again : wires, valves, nozzles, pressure regulators, fuel tanks ,etc.. ) , with explosions, blackouts, untimely fuel-vents ,etc.. etc.. etc..

What;s even more :) , a new internal app* (more about this later ) window , showing real-time schematics of the desired/affected subsystem is shown , with real time status of every element.

This will require a chunky GPU Card as more and more of the game is run on the GPU cores., As most features- the user can select the degree of complexity . From "No susbsystems simulation" (i.e. as it is now ) , to the full extent of -literally - thousands of pipes, wires, fuses, relays , valves ,etc..

*Internal apps ?  Yep . you heard right .We are implementing installable ( -free of course-) apps withing the internal operating system ( operating system of Space Simulator ,that is ). so you can get windowed apps (with icons ,etc) , of your choice , downloadable from a central repository. Again those internal apps will be of course free. Some of the already coded ones include trajectory computers,  this subsystems analyser ( and editor ?) , LUA compiler/interpreter ( for customers' to create own missions )  , VI editor , screenshot taker ,web browser ,music player , all controlled withing a embedded  mini-linux( with its command line terminal yep! ) running inside the game , to keep track/control of those windowed apps.

i.e.  if user's X decides to not use much the time compression , he ll be able to delete/disable the time-compression APP from the game. OTOH , if the same user is an avid screenshot taker , we ll be able to install -yeaaaaaah , free- an advanced screenshot taking module/icon/etc.. .

lastly , all those apps can be created by the LUA interpreter -which is also available as an internal app- and the internal SDK  , so the whole thing is Turing -Complete. In principle , someone could make a SS-APP for whatever ( from chess to astronautics to multiplayer to  the app-the-three-jokes  ) , and share it via the cloud internal-app system that yours truly is coding right now .
: Re: [Steam] Sub-Systems Simulation / SpaceSim-internal Apps
: machala January 18, 2017, 07:08:57 PM
All sounds great, but the small apps should not be free, you should charge a small amount for each.

Not that I as a customer would complain, but sometimes I really wonder what's your business model... ;-) 

And even for us customers it's better to see your company in a good financial situation rather than see you close down...
: Re: [Steam] Sub-Systems Simulation / SpaceSim-internal Apps
: mrrcflying January 25, 2017, 01:23:48 PM
This sounds so great!  I can't wait for this to come out.  Any ETA?
: Re: [Steam] Sub-Systems Simulation / SpaceSim-internal Apps
: DaniBoi82 February 01, 2017, 01:20:15 PM
CAn I ask a question. Who will be responsible for creating the subsystem APPs? The game will be sold with these APPs or is sumthing we do ourselves?
: Re: [Steam] Sub-Systems Simulation / SpaceSim-internal Apps
: jcarrion February 01, 2017, 02:28:12 PM
... a very good question.

Well ,the susbsystems simulation is embedded in every spacecraft . The Apollo CSM will have all ( most ?) system simulated to the element (relays , valves , switches, pipes ) level.

Besides, space simulator (steam ,obviously ) has  the ability to run user-crated code , -as long as its Lua - , and that will enable users to create, share ,*(sell?) , apps for Space Simulator.

a few examples would be  multiplayer , resource mining ,  combat mode, etc,. That extended functionality will be coded in LUA( the actual game provides even an editor ) ,

Of course ,nothing prevents someone developing a Lua-app  to show in better details the orbit predictor , or the spacecraft subsystems, or anything . Indeed the SDK im building will allows the final user to customize even the rendering engine . Everything is possilble with the planned app Lua-Extensibility .( well , everything sort of making a slightly different game and selling it on steam too :) )
: Re: [Steam] Sub-Systems Simulation / SpaceSim-internal Apps
: DaniBoi82 February 09, 2017, 09:36:04 AM
wow. sounds awsome. If I don't know Lua (I know a little bit of javascript) can I still play the game like now? I'll go read about it if I have to. And what about quality control? If I create something in Lua do I have to give it to you to check first?