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Apollo 13 facts
« on: July 28, 2017, 11:09:46 AM »
Events leading up to Apollo 13 incident. Much of this is already well known. Here is a brief summary:

* an oxygen tank with wrong voltage tolerance and faulty lining was installed in Apollo 13, leading to a series of damages including damaged powered fan wire insulation within the tank
* Apollo 13 was launched in a free return to Earth trajectory
* at 30 hours Apollo 13 made a midcourse correction taking it out of the free return trajectory
* at 56 hours into the flight as the fans were turned on, the wire shorted and oxygen tank no. 2 exploded, damaging also tank no. 1 and bay no. 4 cover. The crew lost electricity, light and water
* 5 hours after the explosion, Apollo 13 made a 35 second burn to put itself back in the free return trajectory
* on the far side of the Moon, another burn of 5 minutes was made to speed up the return journey
* 4 hours before landing the service module was discarded