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User Manual
« on: December 23, 2014, 09:17:47 PM »
Your response to thierryspeth about applying a compression factor to the mission clock highlights an important point.
Clearly a User Manual is going to be necessary. 
If you have the start of one can you send a copy to thierryspeth and myself.
If you do not how and when will one be produced?


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Re: User Manual
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2014, 01:57:14 PM »
Oh yes good idea. Maybe we can put in this thread all our discoveries about
How to manoeuver the simulator. It is better  to capitalize all commands in the same place.
On Apollo  in the upper left side the artificial horizon is activated when you
Press IMU on.
The agc;  verb 16 noun 36 enter or v16n65e gives a display of the Time since
Th launch.
On the shuttle,  you make it launch with v37n 11  e like Apollo. To dock, i m trying
V37n11e without sucess for the moment.

To manoeuver the shuttle and Apollo ( i make a ship crash everything Time),
It is possible to use the virtuel joystick on the control panel, or the buttons hover prog rétro nominal ,
And you can stabilise the Space craft with atthold , as far it is not a critical roll 1 turn per second.

Francisco told us how to manoeuver the Space craft earlier ´ and the Time warp is accessible through tapoting the date hour liTlle display.

well , you can maneuver it in a few different ways .

-Im assuming you got the lower control panel ( press "control" tab ) extended.

you can control the Spacecrafts via :

->Automatic Pilot ( i.e. ,  launch to orbit  iss program 11 , hence  ,start the DSKY  (pressing 'PRO' ) ,  type VRB 37  NOUN 11  ENT and It should launch following the actual sorfware emulated in the AGC.

->Manual attitude . Lets say you arme  in orbit . Select "Attitude" tab , and then you can press
"PROG" for prograding , i.e. orienting the spacecrtaft on its velocity vector
"RETRO" for retrograde ,etc.
"HLEVEL" for wing level ( for the hshuttle )
"HOVER" hovering , perpendicular to ground ,
"NORMAL+/-" orient the spacecraft normal to the orbital plane ( for orbital changes , specially inclination ) .

pls note that selecting any of those ,  actually sets a particular pgram in the AGC . (i.le.   selecting "PROG" would be the same as setting program #20 , or the same as typing   VERB 37 NOUN 20 ENT


for manual control , you can hit "manual" tab on the right of the panel ,and a on-screen virtual joystick will appear . then you can control the spacecafts'  pitch & roll with the right joystick , Yaw with the left lever , and the throttle using the throttle lever.

should you want /need to use the liear RCS , there is a button near the right joystick in which you can toggle linear and angular RCS . If linear( vel ) RCS mode is selected the entire panel will turn red , to remind you of that .

I ll try to  format this into a neat doccument for the wiki... as soon as I can find some time ! .

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Re: User Manual
« Reply #2 on: December 26, 2014, 08:10:23 PM »
we can contribute to the user manual in the web/s wiki

regarding the bugs ... thanks a lot guys, its being really usefull. Tomorrow I will send a updated build with most bugs covered.