Author Topic: Bug Reports for the Android Version 1.0.3  (Read 2261 times)


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Bug Reports for the Android Version 1.0.3
« on: October 02, 2015, 05:58:37 PM »

so I bought the sim, it really looks great. Graphics is very nice given the fact this is on a tablet (it of course cannot compare to PC graphics of today).

I currently tested on an older tablet with a Tegra 3 chipset, it does not run perfectly, but still pretty fine. I came across the following bugs there:

1. Reflections on surfaces (like those on ISS) sometimes show green rectangles in them - maybe incorrectly loaded textures? The tablet just has 1GB of RAM, maybe the RAM is insufficient? It does not happen every time.

2. Sometimes the textures of surfaces do not get loaded OK -  I noticed this on the Moon, the Moon surface has ractanguler black "holes" in it sometimes.

3 It seems to be happening only with the space shuttle or the orion shuttle: from time to time there is a weird flash or something like a white cloud around the spacecraft, sometimes it feels like a fast flash of the whole screen. It appears and disappeares in a fraction of a second (really flashes) so I can't even say what it exactly is or what it looks like. Does not seem to happen with the Apollo spacecraft.

Additionally I have the following suggestions:

1. Why does the sim load that default scenario (space shuttle parked at ISS - BTW ISS in 1986? ;) ), I think it should start by showing you the missions screen. Does not make sense waiting for the default scenario to load (takes quite a while) when you want to run something else.

2. I noticed when a mission is loading it starts playing audio while still the screen shows just "Loading...". Even when the picture is shown finally, it is still stuttering for a while until it settles (apparently objects and textures are still being loaded). I suggest that nothing should start, play or be displayed until all is fully loaded, think it would result in a better user experience. Better wait a bit longer and then have a usable game rather than have this low performance in the beginning of a scenario.

Anyway, thank you very much for the sim. Although it has its problems and a lot of things do not seem so "polished", running this on a tablet looks like a miracle. I personally would welcome a PC version (where one has a way better HW available), so that the graphics can look a lot better and still all would be butter smooth.

Best regards