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Hi team.... first of all i want to congratulate you all to this fantastic and ultra-realistic space simulation.... not an arcade-like game like all the others but real science based and still fun simulation.

I hope that soon more missions and vehicles will come for the Steam version and that you keep on improving the mobile version.

But now to my problem - possible bug:

In the PC steam version if you sit in the command module view i can see through all windows (which is ok) but the centermost window looks nothing like the bulleye window which really was in the entry hatch but it looks more like the whole entry hatch is just missing or would be of glass.
You have a great panorama like view but this is just not right..... i checked many original fotos and there should be only a small round bulleye in the entry hatch.
The funny part is that i believe when i first installed the PC version and played it that the hatch was visible and there was a bulleye, and i was glad to see this because in the iOS version this problem occurs too and always bothered me. But now when i play i always have a very big rectangular window to look out of the CM.


General Discussion / how to move freely around in the cockpit (1.07)
« on: December 05, 2016, 04:01:05 PM »
I read that in the new version 1.07 it is possible to move the point of view around is this done on the iOS version?

Feature Request / space shuttle realistic scale - back to old shuttle orion
« on: November 18, 2016, 01:57:37 PM »
i know that you all are pretty busy cleaning 1.07 from bugs and getting it out, but i still have 2 suggestions that you might consider:

1) please fix the scale of the space shuttle in regard to the tank and the booster rockets..... one of those is either much too large or much too small.... thanks

2) the new Orion shuttle looks very "sci fi" and strange to me..... such a flat round thing..... could you please bring back the old classic "2001 space odyssey" orion shuttle..... of course itīs not so new but it is as realistic or unrealistic as the other one, just that it looks really classic

Hope you dont mind my suggestions..... keep on the good work, your simulator is really fantastic!!!

Feature Request / how about abort scenarios
« on: November 10, 2016, 08:54:45 AM »
Well....we all know that in reality not everything goes as i would really love to have the option of aborting a launch.

There were different abort scenarios, depending on how far the launch already proceeded when the emergency occured....

First there was the launch escape tower that could be fired manvually or automatically, then after the first staging and the dropping of the LES the CM/SM would have been seperated from the Saturn and there were different possible landing sites....

It's like the ejector seat of an airplane....i feel that it really should be in any good simulator

Report your Bugs here! / grafik glitch on the Apollo CSM for iOS
« on: August 04, 2016, 03:55:08 PM »
Hi....on the iOS there is an annoying grafik glitch at the Apollo SM....on one side there is a square area, looks like some big plating, and on the end of it you can actually see inside of the SM.....and you can see right through the SM as if it was open....i try to attach a screenshot.

The other bug: if you dock your CM/SM to the LM, manually or by automatic, very often the capture is "off angle" and the docking tunnel is way off to the side....doesnt affect gameplay, but looks very odd

hi, thanks for this great simulator..... now to get it even better my suggestions:

- it would be great to have your astronauts get out of the lunar lander and acutally walk around on the lunar surface or even use the lunar rover (something like this seems to be planned for 1.07 as the screenshots of the spacesuit with manuvering units show).

- can you make the movement / view control in the command modules more free? its great to have this 1st person view, but since you are "fixed in position" you cant really have a good look out of the windows, and many dials/instruments on the panels look very distorted because you look at them on a very narrow angle.... wouldnt it be cool if you can acutally move around in the command module and "float" to the window or to the other seats and have a good look at all the instruments?

- lastly, if you were able to "float around" in the command module then you can move directly to the hatch window and have a look outside. At the moment it seems you have made the whole hatch "see through" so that people can have a look outside, but this window was much smaller in older versions, which was more correct i guess....

thanks in advance


in the newest iOS version, when you are in "trans" mode RCS (former "linear") then you have a "move forward / move backwards" lever on the left side of the manual control display....but it doesnt work.

first problem is that it does not change your forward/backward speed at all
second problem is that the slider always moves back to the middle / stop position

Is it really broken or do i make a mistake here? Its really nasty to try a docking maneuver when you only have your main engine to use ;-)

Hi, this question goes mainly to the devs, but anybody who actually tried this is welcome of course...

Is it possible at all to survive the re-entry to earth with the Orion III shuttle? 
I flew from KSC into earth orbit, no problem....but when i try re-entry i always burn up and explode at about 45-60 km altitude.

I tried to emulate the re-entry of the space shuttle, but the Orion III seems to be much more fragile (it explodes at about 650-700 m/s) and its much harder to keep the altitude (staying above 50-60 km altitude worked only with the hover engines in full throttle, no idea if this is bad for the structural integrity...).

So, my question is if i should keep on trying or if its not possible at all at the moment.....and if so, please change a few parameters because its really sad that i cant do a orbit - deorbit jump from one airport to the other without breaking up.

Thanks, and gratz for this great simulator

Hi, first of all i want to thank you all for this great and wonderful space is exactly what i was looking for, especially the Apollo missions. I love the possibility to use fictional crafts like the Orion III or the Discovery to explore the outer planets...and here the trouble begins:

- this new way the Delta-T is handled gives me great problems: i understand that the Delta-T button is disabled as long as the excentricity is not nearly 0 (a near perfect circle) to avoid "cheating" with the time. But when you are for example in earth orbit (or Jupiter orbit) and want to go to Saturn and are on a perfect circular orbit (so that you have Delta-T available) you have to set the sun as reference, and then of course the orbit is far from circular and then the Delta-T button is disabled.
Of course you can advance the time by "speed up time", but then it all goes down to a lot of guessing instead of calculations. Even with the Delta-T button available it is a lot of changing between increase/decrease of Delta-T and Delta-V to get the predicted position of the spaceship and the planet together.
I understand your concern about cheating, but if somebody wants to cheat they will always find a way to please reactivate the Delta-T button all the time so that the planing of orbitals maneuvers is convinient again.

- somehow the "unlimited fuel" option seems to be buggy. I tried it with "unlimited fuel" selected and deselected, the result is the same. Both in orbital planer mode and in manual mode the fuel is used up (according to the MFD Main) i doing something wrong?
This unlimited fuel option is really good, especially when you try to reach outer planets or are flying fictional spaceships...its the fun mode

- lastly i have a grafic bug: when you do the Apollo mission with CM and LM connected and then transfer from CM to the LM, and then swith to outside view, then often the CM/SM looks very strange, sometimes only the SM cylinder is visible

I use an iPad 2 with 64 GB and have the version 1.05 running

Looking forward to your answer and to the next update of this great simulator, especially to the mission editor.....Saturn here i come ;-)

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