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General Discussion / Video tutorial how to handle all flight commands
« on: August 29, 2015, 08:39:13 PM »
I made another tutorial about all commands in the cockpit, a french version first but the english one is about to come in 50 minutes. on the second line

General Discussion / New orbit planner video tutorial
« on: August 25, 2015, 04:03:39 PM »
i made this video in english and french, you can master the orbit planner in 5 linutes, make a transfer from jupiter to calixto or ganymede. first 5 minutes in (bad) english and next 5 in french. hope this can help.

Space Simulator IOS easy mastering orbital manoeuvers

Feature Request / spaceship you would like to see ?
« on: February 04, 2015, 03:38:14 PM »
Just for curiosity, i saw that there is an opening for a mars mission with the mars recovery ship from the de palma movie.

If other spaceship come with addon, what kind of ship would  U see in SS ?
Not sure paramount or Lucas would like to see star trek or SW props used in a game but :

-2001-2010 Discovery ship around jupiter, docking with a rotating discovery ship would be fun.
-2001 EVA Pod
-2001 ARIES
-Pan Am 2001 shuttle
-LifeForce Churchill shuttle
-UFO SHADO interceptor
-cygnus black hole



look at this page:
or see this pic for inspiration

Development news / congrats for the new version
« on: January 29, 2015, 09:56:30 AM »
Congrats for version 1.00 #2, i spent some time yesterday night.
Happy to see the mars explorer spaceship and the inteface cleaned, the free missions, etc...
Thanks for everything, i feel almost guilty to post some posts about bugs.

The orbit item which was at top left is not there anymore? I didn't know how to use it but i liked it very much.
It was a good system compared to the painfull orbiter interface.

Betatest Area / Dsky and commutators to move on Apollo 11
« on: December 27, 2014, 05:53:59 PM »
-L´IApollo 11 seems to be in a tom hanks mode because it looks exactly like Apollo 13. It is a good thing to keep a quickstart for users but it could be usefull to use the full potential of the 3 d panel and agc with some manoeuvers like below. Many to complicated things but some may be usefull.

P52 alignement Was to do on mission 2

To perform at the end of launch

Duriing launch

Orbital insertion


1rst mid course correction

1rst mid course part 2

2cond midcourse correction part 1 and 2
these are basic manoeuvers often performed

Lunar circularisation part 2 and one

Trans earth injection.  Dunno what Numbers to put in the dsky


Collins has forgot to do a correction ´ apollo 11 provide a fantastic view of a lunar éclipse (seem accu rate) but when the moment has come to be in lunar orbit, apollo 11 pass away the moon.

I am the only Space geek who wants to use the simulator 3 days in réal Time. 8) I used the Time warp x1448 to pass the there days. Is there a possibility to pût a supplémentary mission for the ultimate correction. Here are the views of the fantastic there days travel.

Feature Request / Alternate trans oceanic landing sites
« on: December 25, 2014, 04:31:27 PM »
[font='Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, 'Nimbus Sans L', Arial, 'Liberation Sans', sans-serif]In the event of an abort during launch, NASA had several international locations designated as Transoceanic Abort Landing (TAL) sites. The sites included Lajes Air Base in Terceira island, Azores, Portugal, Zaragoza Air Base in Spain, Morón Air Basein Spain, and Istres Air Base in France.[9] All sites have runways of sufficient length to support the landing of a space shuttle, and included personnel from NASA as well as equipment to aid a space shuttle landing.[10] Zaragoza Air Base features Runway 30L with a length of 12,109 ft.;[11] Morón Air Base features an 11,800 ft (3,600 m). runway;[12] and Istres Air Base features Runway 33 with a length of 12,303 ft.[13] Former TAL sites include Diego Garcia in the British Indian Ocean Territory; Cologne Bonn Airport in Germany; Ben Guerir Air Base, Morocco (1988–2002);[14] Casablanca, Morocco (up to 1986);[14]Banjul International Airport, The Gambia (1987–2002);[15] Dakar, Senegal; Rota, Spain; and Kano, Nigeria.[16] Had a TAL situation arisen during a launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Hao and Easter Islands in the Pacific Ocean would have been the TAL sites.[17][18]
RAF Fairford was the only Transoceanic Abort Landing site for NASA's Space Shuttle in the UK. As well as having a sufficiently long runway for a shuttle landing (the runway is 3 km long), Fairford also had NASA-trained fire and medical crews stationed on the base.[19][/font]

Betatest Area / Bugs on shuttle and apollo
« on: December 25, 2014, 04:14:14 PM »
KHSome bugs on apollo and the shuttle, the central tank on the shuttle is not completly aligned, not a gréât problem'.  The left Window of the shuttle is impressive by the sight Provided but the point of view push the viewer outside the shuttle.  Where doccking with the lem, the csm is far, and then Very near for doccking.  1/10th of a scnd.

Some problems of timing appear on the first missions.

Mission  1 start at 14h 30, i thing this is uk Time for apollo 11, EDS to manual is at 1431 LES at 1434.
At 1443, the agc tells me we are at 16minutes 10 after launch instead of 13 minutes.

 So i start mission 2 Wich begins at 13h47 instead of 14h47. I have nothing to do in this mission
But astronauts should do a correction of 22 dégrées on azimuth. When hearing the mp3, they are asked to use the p52 program, i through it Was to refine the IMU.
I Found this procédure to do the correction;

Program 02 is the pre-launch setup program. You can use this to check the planned orbit from the scenario file, update the orbit and launch times, or simply ignore it and the computer will use the scenario values.
The program will start with a flashing VERB 06 NOUN 29. This shows the launch azimuth in hundredths of a degree on the top line of the display, and allows you to change it from the historically correct value if you choose.
To update the information on these lines you need to change the displayed values, then press PROG to enter them into the AGC. To update the first line, use VERB 21 ENTER, for the second VERB 22 ENTER , for the third VERB 23 ENTER. To update the first and second in sequence use VERB 24 ENTER, for all three use VERB 25 ENTER.
When you enter data the DSKY will blank the appropriate line. Press '+' or '-' to begin data entry (octal entry is not yet supported), then type in the digits, with preceding zeros when required. Once you type in all five digits, the value will be saved ready to be passed to the AGC. Note that if you make a mistake while entering the number, you can press CLR to clear the entry and try again.
So, you can use VERB 21 ENTER to change the azimuth value, then press PROG to accept the value being displayed.
Otherwise, using the devinfo item, the program gives  a good 29 fps on my mini iPad all the Time.

Mission 3 and 4 ; nô problems Other that the violent doccking.

 Shuttle mission other than 1 often crash on my tablette. I got mission for doccking with the isS only one Time.

Betatest Area / Some bugs in 1.2.8
« on: December 23, 2014, 05:42:01 PM »
Mission 1 Apollo. ; i have also sometimes transparent ground around the saturn 5 but it don t have it everything Time.  When lift off the saturn 5 is beginning a roll program Before leaving the tower.
The gates of the tower retract in one half of a second.

Mission 3. The instruction for entering p52 is visible à Very short Time. For beginners of the agc it could be good to Tell how to enter v37n52e. Some interruptors to action like      imu on    are cute to use. I saw a vidéo where somebody put Some Others smac heaters on duty.

Otherwise the graphics are fantastic especially on the contrôle panel. It is a good thing that you have Kept the brown-grey original tint. Many simulators put a mouse grey tint. The characters vectorised are shiny at night and this is wonderfull. The letters could be a liTlle more shiny.

The clik clik of the dsky keyboard is perfect but it could be heard on the dsky everything Time that a new caracter Was displayed on the screen.

A Time accelerator could be use full despite i prefer to let it in real time.

Dunno of this can Help.
first part of the lift off.
You can hear a loud whooooo muuuu high frequency vibration and Also a Nice alert sound at the end of the next part at 2.27.

The landing is also interresting because of the sound of the front gear hitting the ground with alert. (At 5.53).
The record Was mode on discovery in june 1985

Feature Request / AGC syntax
« on: December 19, 2014, 10:19:05 AM »
hi jcarrion, congratulations for your team, this is a wonderful software.

I saw that  you have put the agc syntax. One of the verification made before lauch was   verb 35 enter, this command made all the lights of the dsky flash, it made
all characters flash to 8888 to detect a failure in the screen. Another test to see if the dsky was not down, was    V16N36E   or V16N65E to make the DSKY as a clock.
Collins was playing often with the dsky as a clock.

I'll get a book about AGC apollo guidance by springer editor. I promise not to ask to put the whole syntax.

Betatest Area / 1.2.7, first apollo 11 mission is ok
« on: December 19, 2014, 08:20:07 AM »
Hi jcarrion, i have received the 1.2.7 version, thanks. How can i be useful?
As beta tester, i used to fulfill one report on every sheet of paper, it's a heavy procedure. 

On 1.2.7, i have run the first mission without problems, except a slow moving of the screen
when i jettison the escape tower " lessfire button" ( which is not centered on screen on every simulation)
and when i have to put the emergency detection system on "auto".

Otherwise, i'm in discussion on this  forum where all
french languaging space enthousiasts are impressed by the features.
The single AGC emulation is an argument to purchase the software and an ipad.

here are some screencaps of the first mission

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