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Other bugs with custom missions


Hi another bug with custom flight,KSC launch option, well the space shuttle is raised up to hi on launch tower and when I try to load another spacecraft In this option they overlap each other and it looks like Saturn V and space shuttle going through one another please fix

Will be fixed in the next update. Thanks for that!

hippienaut J Bynson:
Howdy Yall honoured to be here
Droid Samsung galaxy s 3
V 1.0.7
Anyone having the map getting loaded instead of the AGC DSKY
at saved mission load bug
for display tab 2 and can't change it to agc panel or any other display
end up using top mfd panel and control keyboard pop-up window
also how to beta test for 2 models of android and a Polaroid android powered tablet im available 
P23 and manually adding dv values
instead of 91 minus taps 

hippienaut J Bynson:
Still having dsky issue in ver. 1.0.8


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