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hi Guys.

Some work-in-progress of the new 1.0.9 (universal ,i.e. for both Mobile and Desktop)

Please do note than in version 1.0.9 we ll start rolling out the new self-patcher system.That means that at any time (or every time you start the app ) the game will self-update with the latest missions, bug fixes ,etc..    this is gonna take quite a bit of coding , on the other hand , will be probbably the last physical Update required , as after then , we can add missions, features, etc... directly , with no further need to update (and hence me start beggin again for reviews, 5-stars and so ;) )

Also , the HTML Server/Broswer ( yep , the game has a mini-web-server inside to serve the menu-pages ! ) , has been updated, allowing nice colorfull menues,  and most importantly RESIZEABLES , (as when you do CTrl-mouse wheel in Chrome ) , to select the size  ,etc.. of the html menu pages.

A new -more showable GUI system ,icon-based is being created , at the same time we are fixing those anoying GUI bugs ,etc..

and much more . Stay tuned :).

Wow this looks awesome great job I will definitely give another great review once it releases as I always do oh and can you please let me know when beta testing starts so I can help out thanks keep up the great work😀

as i mentioned before (and rated you 5-stars) this simulation is absolutly fantastic.... i really look forward to the newest version.

I just hope you will not change it in a way that my iPad2 cannot run it any longer. I have iOS 9.3.5 and cant upgrade to 10 or 11 because of iPad constraints, and i would be really sorry if at some time this great simulation would not run any longer on my pad.

By the way, is the Steam version of the space simulator already out or do you know about how long it might take for release? I just dont want to miss it, looking forward to all the new features (like the real simulated sub-systems etc)


I'm finally back on the message board, yea. I left to start a guild on a new mmorpg, and Forgot my password!   It took a couple of tries but I got it reset.
And now I can see the new posts and pics. Awesome.  Really looks good, way to go. 👍🚀

@Kmassie92 will keep you updated on next iOS beta when it's ready.

@MichaelEggert Space Simulator will still work on iPad 2. The iPad 2 is still one of our main targeted devices. The only one we're considering future support for is the iPhone 4.

@Marz13 Welcome back to the forum!


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