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Problem Following Orbit Planner Tutorial

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Hey everyone, I'm fairly new here.

I was following a tutorial from the main YouTube channel for planning a maneuver to the moon.  My problem is that there's a part in the tutorial where you have to hit a "select" button but I don't have one.  I have a "GO" button and the bottom left of the screen has AUTO and COMPUTE which are the same, just no "select" button.

So basically I'm stuck and can't figure out how to go anywhere else in the simulator.

Hi ,
could you let us know your current  Version (1.0.5,10.6 , 10.7,1.0.8 or 1.0.9?  -beta or release- ? )   platform ( Android ,iOS , Steam-PC, Steam-Mac ,etc). ?

Thanks ! .

Iím using version 1.0.8 on an iPad Air 2.

Thanks .  
'Apollogirl' will contact you shortly for assistance ..


Ok thanks.  Will it be on here or is there a PM feature?


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