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Intersecting the ecliptic plane


I canít figure out for the life of me how to know where to stop during the orbit so I can change the normal to 0 so it matches the other planes.  The tutorial says, ďor close to zeroĒ for inclination but even with -3 I am way way off.

Where is this magic spot to stop the time warp and do this procedure?  I canít even get remotely close to the moon and yet the YouTube tutorial does it with no problem.

Try turning the ORBITAL INCLINATION off in the config (Config/Realism/ORBITAL INCLINATION).

That'll make all the orbits align on the same plane, as is the case in the video. Center your pov so all the orbits align and all stack together. This way you'll see the two points where your orbit intersects the other orbits. You change normal at those points.

Thanks so much for the help :)

I landed on the moon and went back to earth pretty successfully.

Apollogirl:  Are you by any chance the voice of some of the tutorials?


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