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Steam version: Text to Speech Not Working Since Jan 23

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Since yesterday the text to speech functionality stopped working, I just hear the beeps. Turning the "Spoken checklists" option off and on in the config/audio has no effect.

Hmmmm ,interesting...
We had to remove the old (as in December) text -to-speech as Steam complained that under certain circunstances the wav file created may look funny and triggered some alerts.

So we had to use the windows 10 native text to speech engine( with no distortion ,etc btw)

Which OS did you had? Does your computer has texttospheech installed ?


I'm using Windows 7 on both of my PCs. So it's no TTS outside of win10 or is there something I can install to have TTS in Win7?

Frankly it may not be the best move to use the integrated TTS anyway in case this software is planned to be ported to Linux in the future... ?

Or could you leave an option for us without Win 10 to use the old TTS (perhaps download it from you server if steam do not want to distribute it)? I was perfectly fine with the old TTS except for that I would prefer a male voice over female for Apollo.

Hi again,

I was trying to see if there's a TTS package from  Win10 i could install in Win7, but no luck. Hope it does not mean there will be no option to make TTS work in Win 7 as the game will be pretty quiet without it :(

And me again - I actually see now that my win7 installation does have the default TTS voice Anna ready for use, but apparently the sim is unable to make use of it. I also found some additional voice, but don't think it will change anything. Think you made it work with Win 10 TTS only... Is your program using the SAPI5 interface?


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