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Done when it's done.
« on: January 12, 2015, 07:47:09 PM »
It's done when it's done is the best mentality for dev's because it just means they are more passionate about what they're making and not all about quick release deadlines like most other dev's out there. And definitely helps work out a lot of bugs for the customer.  I'm happy to know that this dev is very committed to making a solid sim for us.
That said, I've been periodically checking the site over the past 2 years now (I think) and I've gotta say the whole "will be released VERY soon" news update on the top left corner of the homepage is frustrating as it's been there for at least a year and a half, if not longer.  :)

- but it looks like you guys are making a beautiful sim, it really does. Take all the time you need, I'm still looking forward to seeing updated posts at some time, and its eventual release. -