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Video Tutorial about interplanetary flight, Moon to Saturn

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thierryspeth:  video will be online at 14h ut  the 11 september 2015.

Hi Thierry,

Many thanks for your video guide which I have been trying to following. Are you using the desktop or IOS version. I find that when clicking on Saturn to make fine adjustments, and then using Delta-V, the software crashes and I get a message saying Hull and Crew destroyed. Do you have any suggestions as to how to overcome this?


The actual message is Total Loss of Hull and Crew

yes it'happens when i put a fine adjustement which put me inside the planet target, not sure of this, then it crash, i often save my orbit planner session before clicking on apply. i could not get to go to pluto till today.

When I follow your tutorial, I get as far as accelerating towards Saturn. When I am reasonably close I switch to orbital planner but with it set to Saturn I find that the eccentricity is in the hundreds of thousands (over 600,000). If I try to reduce this to less than 1 it says that I don't have enough rule. If I try to continue to accelerate towards Saturn, it starts to get away from the spacecraft. Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?


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