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STEAM! PC , Mac & Linux version


Greetings ! 

We are running a campaign on Steam to get Space Simulator approved to be released in PC (Windows ) , Mac OSX and Linux! 

If you have a Steam account -or know someone who does -  if you could vote for us ( its free )  that would make things easier for Space Simulator to be eventually published for PC /Mac/Linux ( and perhaps PS3 ).

here is the link :

A million THANKS!


any news on the Steam version please? Originally it was expected it could be released for Christmas 2016, then during spring 2017, however it's almost August now and there's still no word...

Thank you very much!

The Steam PC version is dead, abandoned by the developers.

Jcarrion can correct me if I'm wrong, but he is still working on it.  I get post from him from time to time showing his process.
Steam has abandoned the Green light process for starting new apps.
I'm not sure how this effects Space Simulator.
The Steam version might have been able to lanched before now and then patched later to improve it.  For whatever reason it would seem Jcarrion has elected to reach a fuller level of completion before release.  He is the one working on the project and having to weigh the pro's and con's of the when and how of release.  Ultimately the chose is his, and I'm ok with that.


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