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How to become a beta tester?

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John Galt:
Hi, I'm interested in helping out with the beta test if you need more people. I've been playing space simulator since the last 2 updates and I love the game. I play on an iPad Mini 2 and iPhone SE. I also have an iPhone 5s that I can use for testing if required. Let me know if I can help!

Hi John,

Thanks for your posts. We're always looking for keen beta testers for the game so that'd be great! Please see PM for instructions to registers. Thanks!

Hi John, you're now on the iOS betatesters lists. You'll get a notification email for the next build (1.34 due today/tmr) and onward. Cheers.

John Galt:
Thanks! Looking forward to it!

John Galt:
Hi Apollo, I still haven't received any email yet. Hopefully it didn't get lost in my junk mail folder!


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