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iOS Update 1.0.7 is READY FOR DOWNLOAD


as said , update 1.0.7 for apple devices is ready for download .

We are still commited to never charge a penny for updates ,(5 updates so far ) . The only thing we would like to ask is for a review / ratings. Please do remember that the ratings and stars are reset/gone  for every new version.  And we need those ratings/reviews to stay visible afloat in the appstore .  It just takes a couple minutes, and for us makes all the difference beetween being able to keep on developing Space Sim ... or looking for a job elsewhere.

Thanks in advance! :).

Javier Carrion.

Hello jcarrion,

is there already an update for android planned? When will it come?
Thank you in advance!

hi Dom.

Its being uploaded today... will be probbably available tomorrow

Thanks for your interest!

Hi jcarrion,

there is still no update for android avbailable. Maybe I'm not correctly entered in the beta-tester list?

Best Regards


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